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Enjoy a taste of South Australia

Good food not only nourishes the body and soul, it connects you in conversation, community and customs. Good food captures your senses and tells a story of the land and its makers. At Adelaide Convention Centre, food is a celebrated and joyful pillar of our event experience – a culinary journey of its own.

With 97% of featured produce sourced from local, sustainable environments, our menu is a celebration of our land. Nowhere does nature meet city quite like Adelaide – a city hugged by the ocean, hilled farmlands, vineyards and the outback, with a direct line to the freshest produce imaginable.

Elevate your senses

Best described as ‘feel good, whole food, made fresh’, our Honest Goodness philosophy makes for an extraordinary menu. Packed with culinary creations that are nutritionally balanced, vibrant in colour and bursting with flavour, our menu celebrates food that not only tastes good, but is good in every sense.

Discover full menu
Discover full menu

Our philosophy

Developed in collaboration with leading nutritional experts from the South Australian Health & Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI), University of Adelaide and CSIRO – Health & Biosecurity, our Honest Goodness menu brings public nutrition to the forefront.

Honest Goodness has transformed the event culinary experience with its emphasis on minimal intervention foods, conscious reduction of processed elements and unwavering commitment to ‘house-made’. This heightened focus on mindful eating has been thoughtfully designed to leave you feeling refreshed and energised after your dining experience.

Explore menu philosophy
Explore menu philosophy

Our Executive Chef, Gavin Robertson

Gavin Robertson is the Executive Chef at Adelaide Convention Centre. He began his hospitality career at the famous Gleneagles Hotel in his home country of Scotland, before setting out on a global pilgrimage to work in the world’s most luxurious hotels, resorts and convention centres.

Following 20 years in five-star kitchens for the InterContinental Hotel Group across Fiji, New Zealand, and Australia, Chef Gavin joined Adelaide Convention Centre in 2015. He passionately heads our talented kitchen brigade of over 100 staff, who are equipped to deliver benchmark restaurant-quality catering for events of any size.

Through our Honest Goodness menu, Chef Gavin and his team have transformed the event culinary experience, bringing local artisan and First Nation producers into the creative culinary process to elevate the way our food is both prepared and presented – all for your enjoyment.

Our Inspiration

Our latest Honest Goodness menu is highlighted by a range of native Australian ingredients – grown specially for our Centre. Not only do these ingredients enhance featured dishes with their unique and diverse flavour offerings and textures, but provide opportunity to experience one of the world’s oldest cultures while supporting rural Indigenous communities.

Check out the video below to learn more about our menu inspiration.

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