Truly Sustainable

SUSTAINABLE EVENTS for a better tomorrow

A clean, green event destination, Adelaide is the world’s only ‘city in a park’, and the southern hemisphere’s first National Park City. Our city takes sustainability very seriously, with a mission to become the world’s first carbon neutral city.

At Adelaide Convention Centre, we share this commitment. Sustainability is embedded in everything we do, from our food and design, our practices and our people. We’re obsessed with energy and water conservation, responsible sourcing and minimising waste to landfill, and work closely with our clients on sustainable event management to help reduce their event footprint for a better tomorrow.

As the world’s first convention centre to achieve EarthCheck’s coveted Master certification – we’re supporting our state’s sustainability – and that of our shared global home.

The Green Print

Adelaide Venue Management, proud operators of Adelaide Convention Centre, is proud to unveil its ESG Strategy – The Green Print – which underlines AVM’s commitment as a ‘force for good’ in the dynamic events and venue management industry.

The four-year plan, which has a strong focus on green initiatives here at Adelaide Convention Centre, maps our path to a more sustainable future, minimising our environmental footprint and maximising our positive impact on communities.

View The Green Print
View The Green Print

EarthCheck Certified

A truly sustainable venue, we are committed to delivering magnificent events with low environmental impact. As evidence of our global sustainability leadership, we are the world’s first convention centre to achieve EarthCheck Master status. Just 29 properties worldwide hold this coveted certification, which represents more than 15 years best practice in business and environmental sustainability.

EarthCheck is the world’s leading certification for sustainable destinations and tourism organisations. Our latest EarthCheck audit recognised Adelaide Convention Centre as a leader in the Australian business events industry when it comes to minimising waste to landfill, potable water consumption, energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. We’re always on the lookout for new initiatives to build upon our sustainable practices.

Minimising Waste

During 2022/2023, Adelaide Convention Centre achieved a greater than 99% diversion from landfill rate. Our efforts in this area have seen us virtually eliminate organic waste through careful meal planning and a community food redistribution program. To date, we have donated over 200,000 unused meals to support local community organisations OzHarvest, Faithworks and Foodbank South Australia. Our efforts in this area not only help feed the hungry, but also help save greenhouse gas emissions.

Within the venue, we installed Adelaide’s first WasteMaster recycling system that turns food and organic waste into fertiliser and compost. The process reduces the weight and volume of food waste, resulting in greenhouse gas emission savings of up to 84%. 

Local Food Policy

Our sustainability efforts extend to supporting local, with 97% of our produce sourced from local, sustainable environments, through partnerships with local artisan and First Nations producers. Our Honest Goodness menu highlights traditional Indigenous ingredients and connects you to the fine flavours of our land. This commitment not only ensures our guests enjoy a ‘taste of South Australia’ and supports local business, but has shortened our food miles.

Fighting the War on Plastic

Adelaide Convention Centre is actively fighting the war on plastic. We are a supporter of and compliant with the SA Government Single-use and Other Plastic Products (Waste Avoidance) Act 2020, and have eliminated single-use plastics through the introduction of reusable crockery, cutlery and glasses, together with the use of Australian Standard (AS4736) commercially compostable and biodegradable cups, napkins, bin liners, cutlery and straws. All of our green waste is diverted from landfill and converted into compost, either onsite through our WasteMaster or via commercial composting services.

Our Honest Goodness menu’s concentration on real, whole foods has seen the amount of fresh produce coming into our kitchen more than triple, leading to a dramatic reduction in cardboard, tins and plastic packaging being brought into the venue.


A key focus area at Adelaide Convention Centre is increasing the efficiency of energy use. A consistent reduction in building Greenhouse Gas emissions has been observed since 2017/18. In fact, the Centre’s building emissions have reduced from 109.4 kg CO2-e per square metre in 2016/17 to 53.3 kgCO2-e per square metre in 2021/22. Much of the reduction has been a result of a staged transition to LED lighting, motion sensor smart lighting and low-energy demand audio. Furthermore, the Centre’s building management system allows for the compartmentalisation and automation of building lighting and air-conditioning systems. This provides flexibility to light and cool or heat individual spaces within the venue, reducing the need to light and heat or cool the entire building complex.

Water Conservation

South Australia is widely considered the driest state in the driest inhabited continent on earth. Conserving and using water wisely is essential to our lives. That’s why we have been working hard to reduce our water footprint. From 2016/17 to 2021/22. our per square metre annual potable water consumption more than halved (652.3 litres in 2016/17 to 302.4 litres per square metre in 2021/22). Reducing our reliance, Adelaide Convention Centre utilises recycled water for the irrigation of our garden beds, lawn area and for more than 40 toilets. This provides the benefit of:

  • Utilising fit for purpose water to green and cool the outdoor amenities around the Centre, helping to buffer the urban heat island effect
  • Reducing the Centre’s reliance on the River Murray for water supply
  • Providing a climate independent alternative water supply
  • Reducing the costs associated with irrigation and water for toilet flushing 

Other water saving features installed at Adelaide Convention Centre include waterless urinal systems, dual flush toilet systems, the installation of low flow fittings, the planting of low water demand vegetation, and the provision of water refill stations located throughout the venue.  


As part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability, Adelaide Convention Centre will:

  • Develop a sustainability strategy to drive an evidence-based approach to environmental, social and economic performance
  • Establish an ESG Project and Planning Manager position, a sustainability specific role, to oversee the delivery and implementation of the sustainability strategy
  • Continue to invest in our Sustainability Management Committee and Green Team to embed sustainability across business functions
  • Create sustainability-based education modules to support both internal and external awareness of sustainability
  • Establish core sustainability focus areas that are material to our clients, staff and stakeholders
  • Ensure transparency by disclosing the impact of our operations through the sustainability strategy and annual reporting against the core targets listed within the strategy
  • Continue to engage staff in decision making and ensure sustainability is embedded across governance structures.