Adelaide Venue Management (AVM)—operators of the Adelaide Convention Centre, Adelaide Entertainment Centre, Coopers Stadium and AVMCatering—is lending a helping hand to community catering organisations in South Australia as demand for their services soars as a result of COVID-19.

This important community initiative involves repurposing AVM’s commercial kitchens at the Adelaide Convention Centre and Adelaide Entertainment Centre to make healthy and nutritious meals for organisations including Meals on Wheels SA, enabling them to continue delivering food for our State’s most vulnerable, while also providing important work to keep AVM’s full-time staff engaged.

“During these unprecedented times, we have a responsibility to support the South Australian community and make the best use of our considerable resources,” comments Anthony Kirchner, Chief Executive Officer, Adelaide Venue Management.

“Across our venues, we have access to some of the biggest kitchens in the State, along with a highly trained team who are at the ready to assist South Australians in important ways. We are reaching out to various companies and community groups where we have identified a possible need to see if we can lend them a hand in these challenging times.”

As part of this initiative, AVM is already actively working with both Meals on Wheels SA and Multiple Birth South Australia.

From this month, AVM will provide up to 18,000 three-course meals each week to Meals on Wheels SA to help meet their increased demand for meal services. Foodbank SA is a supporting partner in this initiative, using their refrigerated vehicles to collect meals from AVM kitchens and deliver to Meals on Wheels’ main distribution points.

AVM is pleased to also be supporting Multiple Birth South Australia to provide ready-made, nourishing, family-friendly meals to eligible clients.

Kirchner adds, “We’ll transition back to our regular business activities when the appropriate time comes, but for now we’re focused on repurposing our venues to support the community and look after the wellbeing of our employees.”