Adelaide Convention Centre Provides Giant Canvas for ‘Blink of an Eye’ Film by Artist Gill Hicks

The Adelaide Convention Centre (ACC) has become a giant canvas for the Arts this month, projecting ‘Blink of an Eye’ — a film created by respected South Australian identity and artist, Gill Hicks — on to our East Building nightly through October 31. The 13-minute film is, in itself, an artwork using the medium of film to capture the faces and the raw emotions of a series of artists who make their living from, and in many ways, live to be on stage.

Dr. Gill Hicks, herself a part of the Arts industry, was inspired to create the film in order to highlight how extraordinary the creative community is, and how important The Arts are within our lives.

“Blink of an Eye captures the emotion of those artists, entertainers and speakers who have lost their stage, their audience and their livelihood due to the impact of protective social restrictions enforced locally, nationally and internationally to stem the spread of COVID-19,” says Hicks. “During these uncertain and challenging times, we need music, art and the theatre more than ever, and to be inspired and motivated. The message of this short film is intended to reference the very real sentiment that life, as we know it, can all change in just the blink of an eye. Importantly, the film also offers optimism for the future – the show will go on!”

When approached by Hicks looking for a unique public stage to debut the film, we were quick lend a helping hand. Simon Burgess, General Manager, says that the Centre, which traditionally provides a stage to more than 800 events per year, is pleased to be able to support the community project and applauds its efforts to raise awareness for speakers, who are an integral part of putting on business events.

“More than just a building, we pride ourselves on our creativity, community engagement and active role in bringing people together,” comments Burgess. “Blink of an Eye has provided us with a great opportunity to illustrate our commitment to these activities and to engage with both the local arts and business events communities, while also helping highlight local thought leaders and artistic talent.”

Burgess adds, “Creativity is such a critical element when it comes to delivering memorable events, and this year has certainly pushed us to be even more creative in both our thinking and approach. We’re fortunate here in South Australia that we’re now in a position to safely host live events, and look forward to welcoming more speakers—and audiences—to our own stage as we continue on the road to recovery.”

Hicks describes Blink of an Eye as very much a project of love and says she is deeply humbled and encouraged by the generous support of those who have helped bring her film’s creative vision to life.

“We extend our thanks to all who have so generously contributed to this project. It wouldn’t have been possible without the contribution from the artists, Mike Worsman (Filmmaker), Julian Ferraretto (Composer), the Adelaide Convention Centre, Novatech, Nexstage and Frankie Films,” adds Hicks. “I encourage you to visit the Convention Centre this month (October) to be still, to share the rawness of the emotion, and to be inspired. The lasting impression I hope to impart – creativity never stops!”

The film will be displayed on a LED screen, generously supplied by project partners Novatech and Nexstage, from 7am – 7.30pm daily on North Terrace for the month of October. From 7.30pm – 10pm, the film will be projected directly on to the ACC’s East Building.

Check out the video below for a sneak peek and to learn more about this very special film, then come and check it out in person!

For further information on this very special COVID-19 public art project, please visit