Knock knock, Santa’s back in the work shop

Legend has it that Santa’s Workshop is the place where all the magic happens before Christmas. Together with the elves, Santa Claus works to create all the toys that will bring joy to all at Christmas. Here…

New Vitality menu

The Adelaide Convention Centre’s new Vitality Menu features items that provide longer lasting energy – fuel for your brain – and improved concentration. Help your delegates stay engaged and get the most out of your event.

Tasting Australia at the Adelaide Convention Centre

The Adelaide Convention Centre will host a special event for the Tasting Australia festival in May, with seven of South Australia’s well-known chefs teaming up with seven of the State’s award-winning winemakers for the Single Sites Dinner.

Cellar Door Fest profit leap

Adelaide Convention Centre’s decision to rebrand and ratchet up the visitor experience has paid off in more than one way.

It’s a Cellar Door Fest!

Visitors to the first Cellar Door Fest will be able to sample everything from cheese and chocolate to pinot and pilsner, with all South Australian producers to be showcased equally for their regionality, personality and unique production…