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ACC supports new State Brand

  • For more than 25 years, the Adelaide Convention Centre has been selling South Australia to the world and introducing new people to our wonderful State.

    We believe the brand, which makes the State’s location more easily identifiable, will support our efforts to attract new business from overseas.

    It clearly communicates that South Australia is open for business and this is a message we think is important to our prospective clients.


  • South Australia offers a myriad of experiences to local, national and international travellers:
    • Wine State: South Australia is a well known food and wine centre
    • Nature:  the perfect destination to explore natural habitats and wildlife
    • Water Views: the beaches stretch for miles and the Murray River creates a tourist hotspot throughout the state
    • Outback: in South Australia the outback is right out back

    You couldn't ask for greater diversity. Catch a fish or catch a wave, watch a game, or watch an opera, bike it, hike it or take to the hills and lose yourself in the beauty that is South Australia.

    You’ll be surprised at how much there is to see and do. Within 20 minutes’ drive of Adelaide, you can be barefoot on a beach or winding your way along a narrow road in the hills.

    Venture a little further and you’re boating on the River Murray, sampling wine with a vigneron, fraternising with wildlife, or heading into the ancient Outback.
    This is a place less travelled, less spoilt and very special.

    For more information go to www.southaustralia.com.

    Doing business in SA

  • It’s a clever State too – a centre of leading edge technology and advanced manufacturing, information technology, communications, medicine, science and defence. There are many reasons why South Australia is the best State in Australia to do business.

    According to KPMG, 2008, Adelaide is Australia's most cost-competitive city for business and the third most cost-competitive in the world in its population category.

    For the past three years, The Economist Business Unit’s Business Travel index has rated Adelaide top of the list of Australian cities favoured by international business travellers. 

    Standard & Poor's in 2005 gave South Australia a Triple A credit rating for its “low net debt, revenue growth and commitment to a prudent level of spending over the next two to three years”.

    South Australia is a leader in providing defence hardware and technology for the nation.

    South Australia is widely acclaimed as an innovative business centre with strong investment in research and development.

    The State is an advanced base for manufacturing, technology and research.

    $44.8 billion in value of major projects are either in progress or proposed.

    Source: Department of Trade and Economic Development - www.southaustralia.biz


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    Leanne Coleman,
    National Rural Health Alliance

    Nothing was ever too much trouble. As the Conference Manager I often cringe before I have to ask for yet another request but nothing was ever too much trouble and everything I requested was happily and promptly delivered. The Adelaide Convention Centre makes my job that much easier, thank you.