In partnership with Newday Leadership, the Adelaide Convention Centre is delighted to bring ‘Wasteland Renewed’ to Adelaide audiences.

Comprising nearly 900 suspended orange spheres made from orange peel powder and 120 kilograms of plastic marine debris collected from the Great Barrier Reef, this stunning large-scale installation reconfigures and reinterprets ‘Wasteland’, the original artwork by Danling Xiao, Mundane Matters.

Wasteland Renewed delivers a strong message of sustainability, highlighting two of the world’s most urgent problems: plastic pollution and food waste. The installation is on display at the Adelaide Convention Centre through until December 2021 to inspire each of us to consider our own consumption, behaviours, and how we might contribute to the circular economy.

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The making of Wasteland Renewed


Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

As well as evoking the spirit of renewal, Wasteland Renewed perfectly complements the Adelaide Convention Centre’s own sustainability initiatives; our venue is one of only two convention centre’s worldwide to have received EarthCheck’s coveted Platinum certification for best practice in business and environmental sustainability, and we’re well on our way towards Master status.

Fighting food waste is a key focus at the Adelaide Convention Centre. To date, our commitment to food redistribution has resulted in more than 180,000 individual meals being donated to Foodbank SA and OzHarvest. Our efforts in food rescue not only help to feed the hungry, but also divert rubbish from landfill, helping to save greenhouse gas emissions and water usage.



Purposeful Pledges

Unique to Wasteland Renewed, the suspended spheres that make up the spectacular installation contain hundreds of hidden purposeful pledges.

In July, people attending the Newday summit on ‘Purposeful Leadership’ at the Adelaide Convention Centre were asked to think about a change they wanted to lead for people and planet and to write it down on a small piece of paper. As Wasteland Renewed was installed, hundreds of  these ‘purposeful pledges’ were placed inside the orange spheres.

If you are inspired by this artwork, we invite you to contribute a pledge of your own via the form below. Once the exhibition ends, we look forward to sharing some of these commitments.


Wasteland Renewed is brought to Adelaide in collaboration with:



With special thanks to our principal partners:

And supporting partners:

Wasteland Renewed was created by Danling Xiao, Mundane Matters.

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Wasteland Renewed is the reinterpretation of an installation originally funded by the City of Sydney and shown at Customs House in late 2018 as part of its Art & About program.

We extend our thanks to our supporting partners: Newday Leadership; Green Industries SA; City of Adelaide; Adelaide Expo Hire; Nippy’s; BioBag; Cleanaway; and BIN SHIFT.

Special mention in particular goes to Adelaide Expo Hire for designing and constructing the frame used for the installation. Adelaide Expo Hire’s commitment to sustainability includes design, printing and construction of expo displays from recycled structural cardboard, a strong, lightweight alternative to plastics and other materials that often have few pathways for reuse or recycling.

Thank you to Newday Leadership and Cath Leo Photography for imagery from the Purposeful Leadership summit.