Following a nine-year journey and $397 million investment, we’re now just weeks away from the completion of our redevelopment, with our new East Building – the second and final phase of our expansion project – set to officially open on 30 August.

For conference and event organisers, our newly expanded Centre boasts 20,000 sqm of usable space, and is now not only able to host much larger events across its seamlessly integrated three buildings, but also accommodate a number of smaller conferences and events simultaneously.

The centrepiece of the East Building is a new state-of-the-art Plenary Hall with seating for 3,500. Designed with complete flexibility in mind, the Plenary can be arranged to accommodate at least 15 different configurations. Defining features include tiered, hinged seating, which is used to create a theatre-style auditorium, but when lifted, reveals a flat floor space to accommodate exhibitions or banquets; along with the world’s largest rotating seat drums. Set at the back of the Hall, the drums are two revolving auditoriums capable of seating 320 people each, and can be used as part of the Plenary or rotated 180 degrees in minutes to form two individual theatrettes. Operable walls further enhance the functionality of the space. The East Building represents the first time these three technologies have been combined in one building, providing exciting and creative opportunities for event organisers.

Additional highlights of our redevelopment include the architecturally innovative Skyway (elevated walkway) which seamlessly connects the Centre’s three distinct buildings, along with a new cafe court Home Ground, which is slated to open in November. The cafe court will showcase a range of quintessentially South Australian food and wine experiences, and provide an ideal setting for after conference hours networking, connecting guests with South Australian life in a social environment.

Enjoy a short behind-the-scenes glimpse of the East Building below, ahead of its official opening.