Get Together!

People get together for all kinds of reasons, and sharing incredible food can play an important role in creating positive experiences.

Whether you’re making new acquaintances, celebrating with friends or connecting with industry and business partners, we consider every detail of your experience at the Adelaide Convention Centre. How our food is sourced, prepared, presented and savoured makes for excellent conversation starters that allow for time and stories to be shared more significantly.

That’s why we created Soils & Seasons – it’s an experience in itself.

Let’s get together and share it some time.

Food is about more than what appears on your plate. There are stories behind every dish, that are actually stories of the journey about how it came to be there.

In South Australia our stories aren’t just about tales of ‘paddock-to-plate’. Here, we take pride in our landscapes and the unique regions from which every element must first be discovered before it can be properly harvested by the people who know it best. Whatever the produce, we pay respect to the climate, soil, water and people. We serve only the most premium food and wine from a uniquely clean environment that covers a full cross-section of regions - which is why South Australia is like no other place in the world.

As always the Adelaide Convention Centre exceeded my expectations and will be my first consideration for future events.

Sue Panagaris, Industry Participation Consultant – Aboriginal Business
DECD- Government of South Australia

Soils and seasons

You’ll find stories of South Australia in every dish listed on the Adelaide Convention Centre’ Soils & Seasons menu.

Stories of farmers and fishers and growers, who’ve battled and bettered Nature for generations. Of migrants who’ve come in waves, bringing new knowledge, new foods, new ways, new seeds.

Of native plants and animals, once thought curious, now eclectic ingredients in an exciting food culture.

Be it breakfast for 35, canapés for 350, or a banquet for 3500 – take your pick from our menu, and we’ll take you to the source on each plate. You’ll taste the soil, the season, the sea and the region.

The move to the Adelaide Convention Centre because of growing numbers required us to get the confidence of our members, and to ensure we delivered a great event in the first year away from the club’s heartland in the western suburbs.

Melissa Musolino, Events Manager
Port Adelaide FC

Vitality Menu

Continuing the story of fresh and locally sourced ingredients, we have put together a specially selected menu featuring items intended to nourish the body, nurture the soul and engage the mind.

Our menu encourages a balance of wholegrain breads and cereals, lean proteins, vegetables and fruit, and reduced fat dairy foods. We feature items that are low GI carbohydrates, thereby providing longer lasting energy – fuel for your brain – and improved concentration.

That menu can help your delegates stay engaged and get the most out of your event.


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