The Adelaide Convention Centre (ACC) is committed to providing a safe environment for all its staff, guests and contractors. In order to ensure this all persons working on site are required to undertake a safety induction. This includes all contractors – whether engaged by the ACC (Site Contactor) or a client for a specific event (Event Contractor).

Site Contractors engaged by the Adelaide Convention Centre will be required to complete a site and safety online induction prior to the commencement of work. Please contact your ACC representative or your company’s System Administrator to obtain a username and password prior to undertaking the induction.  This induction is valid for 12 months.   Site Contractors must report to Building & Engineering during business hours 8 am – 4 pm Monday to Friday. Those undertaking work after hours must report to Security at the ACC Staff entrance (adjacent to the Riverbank Carpark exit point, Festival Drive). Please see map to Building Engineering Entrance below.

Building Engineering Entrance Map

Event Contractors are engaged by a client of the Adelaide Conventions Centre are required to complete a simple safety induction onsite every time they commence work at the Centre. Access to the self-induction kiosks is via the North Terrace Loading dock (see Map below).  All Event contractors will be refused entry to the building from all other access points and directed to the Loading Dock.

Please note that Event Contractors must display their identification pass issued at the kiosk at all times and are not permitted access into back of house areas.

North terrace Loading Dock

Exhibitors within an event are not required to undertake a site and safety induction and should follow client instructions regarding entry.

Should you require further information regarding contractor inductions please email

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